Content is King

March 17, 2015

We recently discussed why it is important for your business to have a website. Besides the type of website and its design, professionally written content also plays a big roll – especially if you intend to keep your website visitors coming back to your website! Only a visually striking website design isn’t enough to achieve triumph in your online business. The development of website content is as important as its design and functionality. If you want to go growing on the web, you need to cater your website visitors with interesting and informative content.

Let me give you a glimpse on how well written content will help your website:

Holds visitors longer

Quality content easily grabs visitors’ attention and engages them longer on your website. Offering useful information in an effective way will make the visitors leave with a positive influence of your company, which in turn enhance your business credibility. Do remember, the longer the visitor stay on your website, the higher is the chance of converting him or her into a lifelong customer.

Industry-specific Knowledge Become Accessible to your Targeted Audience

Say if you own a garment shop online, I am sure you might know every nook and corner of the garment industry. Similarly, every website owner specialises in a particular industry or domain. A website is a perfect medium to share your knowledge about a particular industry / niche. Turn your expertise into website content and make it concrete and accessible to your targeted audience.

If possible, add a ‘Blog’ section in your website, where you can submit posts on industry news, significant of your product, tips for users and anything else your users may found interesting. You may never know, a post in your Blog page can be the start of a business communication with a prospect.

Search Engines love Fresh Content

Update your website content regularly and you will make the search engine spiders learn that they will always find something new on your website. Therefore, the search engine spiders will visit your website again and again giving you higher page ranking in search results. An improved ranking will easily outpace your competitors.

Quality content, quality inbound links!

When people like the content you shared, more often than not, they share you website URL (or Blog page link) on their social media profile or on their own website. The sharing chain will go on and on resulting in more inbound links to your website (meaning more traffic!). Search engine spiders do notice increased backlinks to your website and rewards you with higher page ranking. Social Media is a crucial platform for viral marketing and business leads. Quality content in your blog page will help you create a buzz of your brand outshining your rivals.

Good ROI (Return on Investment)

Your investment in efficient website content guarantees good returns by dragging visitors to your website repeatedly for many months and many years.

On 1st March, 1996 in one of his published writing pages, Bill Gates (co-founder of Microsoft) states “Content is King” – after 16 years, his statement proves to be more true than ever before as more and more businesses start their own websites and fight for their place in the search engine rankings. This is a proven fact for today’s online entrepreneurs – if you are a jack of all trades, you can certainly write your website content on your own. Although…if website content is so important, can you afford not to hire an experienced and professional content writer?

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