E-mail setup guide for Apple iPhone

Home E-mail setup guide for Apple iPhone

Please follow these steps to setup your e-mail address on your iPhone:

1) On your iPhone’s home screen, tap Settings.
2) Scroll down and tap on Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
3) Tap on Add Account.
4) From the list of providers, tap on Other.
5) Tap on Add Mail Account under Mail.
6) Enter the name that will be displayed on your e-mails next to Name.
7) Enter your full e-mail address next to Email (ie. joe@soap.co.za)
8) Enter the password associated with your e-mail address in the Password field and tap Next.
9) On the next screen, you get the option to choose between IMAP and POP, select POP.
10) Enter your domain / e-mail address Host name (also known as Incoming Mail Server) details, your full e-mail address next to the User Name field and your e-mail account’s Password, under the Incoming Mail Server section.
11) Do the same under the Outgoing Mail Server section.
12) Tap Save.
13) An error should appear saying “Cannot Verify Server Identity” – tap Continue.
14) Scroll down to your newly added e-mail address and tap on it.
15) Scroll down and tap on Advanced.
16) Under “Incoming Settings”, disable the Use SSL option.
17) Tap on Server Port and change it from 995 to 110.
18) Once done, exit the Advanced settings and tap on Done to complete the setup.

If you are unsure what your Incoming Mail Server / Outgoing Mail Server / Host Name details are, kindly contact us on support@host-connection.com.