How to start your own website

March 17, 2015

Businesses these days understand the importance of having a website in order to aid with their advancement and goal conversions. It is therefore only wise to properly understand how to get started with a website.  The following step by step process will give you an overview on how to start building a website accurately.

Domain name registration – A domain name is essential, as it will the place where your visitors will be able to locate your website. Domain Name looks something like In a domain name first www remains fix for all domain names, but following are variable which you can choose according to your requirements and targeted geo-graphic & demographic areas.  Choose the right domain name that helps you with the branding of a company and proves to be easy for the users to remember.

Web Hosting – This is also an important step, as this is the place where your web pages and the source files will be uploaded.  If you create web pages but don’t upload them onto web hosting, then the files will not be visible online. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to first look for a hosting providing company. There are various types of hosting available and generally over two common platforms, Linux and Windows (besides MAC and UNIX which are rarely used), depending on the requirements of the client, so making the right choice is necessary. It is recommended to purchase domain name & web hosting from same provider for quick start and better management.

Planning and Designing a website – After choosing best web hosting you need to finalize the layout (the navigation), content of the site, types of pages, etc. Once done it is important to plan the type of site you are looking to build – static or dynamic. Then comes the actual building of site according to client’s requirement. If you are beginners and going for dynamic website, utilizing WYSIWYG editors is advisable, as they are easy to use and without too much technicalities involved.

Testing and publishing the website – Once you’re ready with the website, it is utmost necessary to test the website over various aspects, such as for cross browser compatibility, HTML validation and other errors. Also, please do not forget to fix any errors / bugs you’ve got during the testing phase. Once this stage is completed, the site is ready to be published.

Promoting the site – Just getting a site published does not guarantee its success because it is also equally important to promote the site in an effective manner, which generally starts by submitting the site to the search engines (the major traffic source). Then optimizing the website in search engines (SEO) using various techniques, besides other marketing techniques help increase a website’s visibility noticeably.

The above discussed stages can help you understand how to start a website. However if you are stilled confused or lack with the time, it would be beneficial to hire a professional web design company from South Africa to help appropriately with all types of design requirements.

Web experts from South Africa possess the required expertise & knowledge to accurately comply with all the mentioned steps.

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