Listing your site on Google

March 17, 2015

Developing a website and registering its domain on the internet isn’t an end of job for success in online market. You need to make sure your website is getting found, indexed and ranked on Search Engines and most importantly on Google, the most prominent search engine in the world. If you are keen to optimise your website’s visibility in Google search results, you may consider the proven tips as listed below:


Prerequisites of Search Engine Optimization



Design and Content Requirements


  • Incorporate at least one static text link to every web page
  • Sitemap should offer links to all the web pages
  • Add reasonable number of links in your website content
  • Make sure your website content includes the words your targeted audience type-in while looking for your products online
  • Information-rich website that help people learn your business and offerings easily
  • Use more text instead of images; the Google crawler can’t scan the text within images
  • Use ‘Alt Tags’ and ‘Title Tags’ on Images
  • Make sure your website doesn’t have any broken links


Here is a Technical way:


  • Check your website in text browser such as Lynx and scale the visibility of your website content
  • Allow Google crawlers to scan your website pages without session ID or arguments
  • Choose web server that supports the ‘If-Modified-Since HTTP header’. This feature will enable search engine spider know if you have made any changes since the last time it visited your website
  • Use Robot.txt file on your web server, it informs crawlers which directories they can crawl or which they can’t.
  • If you’re moving on a content management system, make sure the system builds pages and links that are crawlable
  • Test your website’s functioning on all major web browsers
  • Check your website’s performance and optimize its loading time


High Accolades for Quality everywhere – Google isn’t an Exception!


  • Develop pages primarily for your targeted audience, not for the search engines.
  • Avoid negative tips and tricks to improve your website ranking in Google. Instead focus on delivering better user experience
  • Don’t get caught by web spammers. Keep yourself away from fake link schemes
  • Use only authorized computer programs to submit your web pages and check website ranking. Use of products that send auto-generated queries to Google, such as WebPosition Gold™, is against the Terms of Service of Google.
  • Don’t use hidden text or hidden links.
  • Avoid content duplicity.
  • Don’t follow cookie-cutter ways to boost your website traffic
  • Use only relevant keywords on your website and avoid affiliation with programs or websites that follow black-head SEO techniques.


If your website is not matching any of these guidelines, you can implement the necessary changes accordingly.

Summary: The article discusses four-stage guideline to improve your website visibility on Google. The four stages are: prerequisites for Search engine optimization (also known as SEO), design and content requirements, technical requirements and Quality requirements.

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